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Specializing in Custom Air Conditioner Installation Near Fairfield, CA

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Proven Design Pros and Onsite Problem Solvers

At Nielsen Mechanical, we work with advanced design techniques to engineer customized HVAC units that are specific to the needs of every property we serve. In the past, our team has designed and built complete packaged rooftop units, split system air handlers, infrared heating systems, make-up air units, kitchen hoods, commercial exhaust systems, and more. Our talented design team at Nielson Mechanical specializes in energy efficiency, and completes every project to include advanced energy calculations, model energy code compliance, auto-cad prints, and engineering stamps. We work with customers onsite, troubleshooting as needed and overcoming obstacles as they arise – always working with your goals in mind.

Reliable Repair for Your Equipment

Neilson Mechanical doesn’t just design and install the Sacramento region’s most efficient HVAC systems. We can fix most major brands, as a factory-certified repair team, and we’ll replace your heating system or air conditioner with a standard or customized model if needed. Our advanced expertise ensures that we can seamlessly integrate new equipment and parts into your existing system without losing energy efficiency or heating and cooling performance. For all of our local service calls, Nielson Mechanical comes prepared for each job with a fully trained team of technicians and the right tools to get your property’s HVAC equipment working as quickly as possible.