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The Best HVAC Decision You’ll Ever Make

Choosing the right HVAC contractor for your next project can mean the difference between a successful project – and a faulty unit that requires many expensive repairs. Neilson Mechanical is a professional HVAC subcontractor, specializing in industry-leading HVAC design-build service. This means is that you’re getting the benefit of certified HVAC technicians with an in-depth knowledge of many major brands, as well as a savvy design team that can plan the most effective HVAC system for your office space, restaurant, shopping center, or medical center. We have hundreds of satisfied clients in Concord, Elk Grove, Fairfield, Napa, Petaluma, Sacramento, Vacaville, Vallejo, and beyond, and we can’t wait to work with you.

We’re Proven HVAC Experts

Nielson Mechanical has been installing and maintaining the industry’s best HVAC equipment in central California for over 20 years, and in that time, we’ve come to understand the best engineering strategies for developing and installing the perfect heating and cooling systems from Sacramento to Napa Valley. We take your HVAC project seriously, working within your budget and time frame to complete our phase and keep you on track.

Our Simple Process

At Nielson Mechanical, we know that not every HVAC project is the same, but the following steps outline the process for our standard commercial projects:

  • 1. Plans Submitted

    Your project plans outline the HVAC system you’re looking for, the structure you need to heat and cool, and the work to be performed. We’ll study the plans to see if we’re the best fit for your project.

  • 2. Project Bid

    Nielson Mechanical, along with other HVAC subcontractors, will bid on the privilege of handling your project. We pride ourselves on our engineering expertise, our superior customer service, and our cost-effective solutions. Nielson Mechanical is confident our bid will outshine the competition.

  • 3. Proposal Submitted

    Nielson Mechanical will carefully develop an official proposal for the client’s approval. The proposal will outline the basics of the HVAC system we’ll design, engineer, and install, as well as an estimated budget and turnaround time.

  • 4. Project Awarded

    We’re confident that Nielson Mechanical meets your discerning standards, and once the project is awarded to our licensed and professional team, we’ll get to work immediately so your project stays within your budget and scheduling requirements.

  • 5. Project Execution

    Now it’s go time. Nielson Mechanical will get to work doing what we do best – designing and constructing your custom HVAC system. We’ll also provide industry-leading troubleshooting and provide multiple alternative solutions should they be necessary for staying within your budget or project deadline.